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Again: in Berlin all the courts are barely able to work

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There has long been more than one court in Berlin to tackle computer problems. At present, many more judicial services in the federal capital are paralyzed. 40 people from the state’s own IT service provider are currently trying to resolve the issues.

The courts in Berlin are not at all incapable of working, the public law RBB reported, citing the responsible senatorial administration. Important dates and scheduled negotiations would proceed as scheduled. In addition, court workers can only perform their work to a very limited extent.

“The disruption affects various services and components and leads to temporary short-term usage restrictions for users,” justice spokesman Sebastian Brux said. These restrictions mean the screen freezes unexpectedly or the network connection is lost. This is simply unacceptable in the case of networking, as is necessary for the corresponding institutions.

Probably not malware

The IT Service Center (ITDZ), a public company, is responsible for managing the infrastructure. Here, we are now feverishly looking for a cause and possible solutions. It is currently clear that there was probably no more malware infection. Just over a year ago, the Superior Court was stunned by the Emotet ransomware. Work dragged on for months as all hardware was replaced to be sure.

ITDZ is currently suspected of having a recently installed security update. Usually such a step is preceded by your own testing, but apparently no problems were found. Until the bugs are cleared, alternate working environments will be made available on short notice if needed – such as for archivists in court hearings. They should just be notebooks providing access to required documents through VPN access which is unaffected by the issues.

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Germany, Berlin, Brandenburg Gate

Germany, Berlin, Brandenburg Gate
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