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Android 11 Go Edition: Google Introduces Software for Low-End Devices

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Search engine company Google has presented a new variant of its Android 11 mobile operating system. The so-called Go Edition will be used on entry-level devices and will support smartphones with up to two gigabytes of RAM. .

Just a few days ago, Google released the final version of Android 11. However, the smartphone’s operating system is not designed for low-end devices because it uses too many resources. The Go version of Android 11 should now close this gap. As Google describes in a blog entry, apps with Android 11 Go Edition should be able to start 20% faster than with the previous version.

Android 11 GB Edition
Android 11 GB Edition

Go edition requires less RAM

Compared to the standard version of Android 11, the Go edition is expected to occupy a total of 270 megabytes of less RAM. According to Google, this means that on average three to four additional apps can be opened in the background. In addition, the low-end mobile operating system is expected to require around 900 megabytes of internal memory less, so more apps can be installed or photos can be saved.

The update from Android 10 Edition to Android 11 Go Edition brings new functions, some of which are already known from the update to the normal version of Android 11. Among other things, there is a new gesture control with which it is possible to switch between applications more quickly. Additionally, incoming messages are now displayed separately from all other push notifications. User privacy has been improved as apps automatically lose their permissions as soon as they haven’t been used for a certain period of time.

Go versions can be found on 100 million smartphones

Google had already made available a Go version of the Android operating system in the past two years. Since then, more than 100 million entry-level models have reportedly been equipped with the software. However, it is not yet clear when the Go edition of Android 11 will be released on the first devices.

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