Anycubic Wash & Cure Plus DLP 3D printing made easy

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Anycubic is now a big name when it comes to 3D printers from China. The strength of the manufacturer lies in particular in the DLP 3D printers. These are devices in which the printed object is made of resin by exposure, which is why the structure of the surface is barely noticeable.

For a year now, Anycubic has also been marketing the Photon Mono X, a 3D printer that costs around € 600 and is characterized by its (for a DLP 3D printer) a larger than average print space. Anyone who has ever worked with a DLP 3D printer (or read one of our reviews) knows that resin is still very sticky material is. That’s why for about two years Washing and curing stations on the rise with which the printing object simply and above all clean and hardened cleanly may be. Anycubic has now also presented a similar station for the large Photon Mono X – the Wash & Cure Plus. By the way, both devices are currently being tested by us and have so far been convincing in all areas. Reviews will go live in the next couple of weeks, but in this article we want to take a closer look at the Wash & Cure Plus station.

Function of a washing and drying station

In the world of DLP 3D printing, Wash & Cure stations are only marginal and therefore usually lack special features. In general, the function of these devices is divided into two points: In washing mode, the object to be printed is cleaned. For this purpose, the washing and curing station has a container which is delivered with Isopropanol is full. The print object can be hung there before the container is mounted on the station, which sets the isopropanol in motion via a small motor and the appropriate magnetic counterpart in the container. In a few minutes, all the resin is washed away.

In the second step, the container is removed again and a small table is placed on the station instead. Place the object to be printed on top and switch to Cure mode. The object turns slowly and accompanies it on all sides UV light lit so that it can cure properly.

Anycubic Wash & Cure Plus station

In the past, these stations were only available for small DLP 3D printers. With the Wash & Cure Plus station, Anycubic puts an end to this, as the device supports print objects up to 192 x 120 x 245 mm and is therefore the appropriate counterpart to the Anycubic Phantom Mono X, which also achieves this pressure space. But the station cannot only be used with this printer. Other large devices, such as the Elegoo Saturn (which we are also currently testing) and all DLP 3D printers with a smaller print space are also compatible with the Wash & Cure Plus station.

In addition, the UV-LED bar of Anycubic’s new device can be folded up and a reflector is fixed under the turntable. This ensures that the print object is hardened on all sides – a unique selling point in the area of ​​Wash & Cure stations.

ADVERTISEMENT: Anycubic Wash & Cure Plus Advance Sales

If you already own a DLP 3D printer or are considering buying one, now is your chance. Because to present the Wash & Cure Plus, Anycubic is once again organizing a reduction campaign. From April 16 to April 22 the company sells the first 1000 stations for 169 USD instead of USD 249, so with full 30% reduction. So mark this week in bold in the calendar ?


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