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Apple Watch SE presents: new, cheaper entry-level smartwatch

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In addition to the Watch Series 6, Apple today also introduced the Apple Watch SE, which like the iPhone SE is essentially a mix of previous generations of its hardware. With a starting price of just 300 euros, it is intended to open up new customer groups.

The Apple Watch SE combines the technology of last year’s Watch Series 5 with the case of the Watch Series 4 of 2018. The manufacturer also offers them again in variants with a 40 or 44 millimeter wide case, which are also with and without 4G-LTE (cellular) can be purchased.
The new Apple Watch SE in 40mm and 44mm
The technical equipment again includes a fairly large OLED display, under which the Apple S5 SoC now does its job. At the same time, however, Apple is also removing some features in order to get the lowest price with a pleasantly high margin. Additionally, you naturally want to avoid cannibalizing sales of the new Apple Watch Series 6.

Functional scope is reduced

The Apple Watch SE naturally has accelerometers and sensors for recording heart rate as well as a built-in GPS module, but you have to do without the new SpO2 sensor and the ability to record ECG data. The U1 chip for the extremely energy-efficient operation of the always-on display is also missing here, so this functionality is also not integrated.
Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE is also only sold with 2.4 GHz WiFi and an aluminum case, so it does not bring 5 GHz WiFi. After all, the Watch SE is completely waterproof so that it can be used to record data while swimming and can be used safely during sports and outdoors.

There is an interesting innovation in the bracelets: the Watch SE is offered in conjunction with new plastic bracelets, the material of which is stretchable and flexible, which means that they can do without a padlock. The same applies to the new woven version – if you want to put it on, the strap called “Solo Loop” is simply stretched, the watch pulled on the hand, and the watch needs to be snug. Apple offers a total of nine different lengths to make solo buckle straps a perfect fit for every customer.

Rates and availability

The new Apple Watch SE, like the Watch Series 6, will be sold from September 18, 2020. Apple is already accepting pre-orders. The starting price in Germany is 299 euros, due to reduced VAT only 291.45 euros are currently due. However, the Watch SE is not the cheapest Apple smartwatch: for 219 euros you can also get the Apple Watch Series 3, which has seen a price drop.

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Apple, smart watch, Apple Watch, iWatch, watch, Apple Smartwatch, Apple Watch SE


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