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The Way Of Applying For A New, Expired Or Lost Driving License In UK

Applying driving license in uk

Driving is a handy method to move about the UK, especially in outlying locations which may not have a robust public transit network.

However, if you wish to drive in the UK, you need to know about driving legislation and if your driving license is acceptable here.

Steps For Applying For A New Driving License In The UK

Getting your driver's license can be fun and exciting, too! There are so many new things you can do when you can drive.

As part of getting your license in the UK, you must get a provisional license and pass the theory test. You also need to pass your driving exam. Take the road and see the world after.

Applying for a Provisional License

  • As the requirement to apply for a provisional driving license in the UK, you must be at least 15 years old and nine months old.  As well as read a number plate from a distance of 20 meters. At home, test your eyesight using the license plate from a friend's or family member's car.
  • When applying for a provisional driving license, collect your identification documents. The following are identification documents: a valid passport, a biometric residency permit, an identification card issued by the European Union or the European Economic Area, and a recent bank or building society statement.
  • Online application for a temporary license. You may apply online for a provisional license UK. Once on the driving license application page, you'll need your Government Gateway ID, a photo ID, a list of your last three addresses, and your National Insurance number.
  • You may also apply by mail instead of an online application. And also, you may apply by mail by completing Form D1. It is available at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or certain post office branches.
  • Before driving, wait for your temporary license to come. If you apply online, you should get an email confirmation after submitting your application, and your license should come within one week. And also, if you apply by mail, it may take three weeks for your license to arrive. Avoid driving until you have gotten your license.

Book practical driving license

Following the receipt of your provisional driving license, you will need to schedule your driving lessons. The procedure of reserving your driving lessons is simple and quick.

Before looking at possible driving schools, it's vital to determine what kind of lessons you're looking for to guarantee that you discover the best fit.

Book theory test

People who want to learn to drive must first pass their theory test. So after you get over your first driving lesson nerves and learn the basics of driving, we think you should start thinking about your theory test.

A better chance of passing quickly is to start practicing as soon as possible. This is a little test that looks at how well you know the Highway Code and reacts to things that might happen while you're driving.

You have to do two parts to pass the test: answer multiple-choice questions and take a hazard perception test. All learner drivers have to do this.

Book driving test

Pass your practical driving test, which will allow you to switch from your green provisional license to a red full UK driving license.

You can do this when you pass the test. They will tell you when they think you are ready to book your driving test, which you can do either by phone or online.

When you take your practical driving test, you usually have to wait between two weeks and 12 weeks for it to happen.

On a weekday, it costs £62 to take the test. On the weekend, the price is £75.

Then, the instructor will take you through a few mock tests to help you get ready and calm your nerves.

How To Renew An Expired Driving License In The UK

  • Unless you have been disqualified, renewing your driver's license is free. At the age of 70, you may renew your driver's license online at the DVLA website or fill out the D46P application form.
  • You'll need the D42 or D48 application forms for medical renewals. As long as your Photo Driving Licence is still valid, you can be fined up to £1,000. Every ten years, you must get a new photo license. If you don't, your driving license will be thrown out, and you can choose to update your picture sooner than this if your appearance has changed significantly.
  • You can get this D1 application form from, the DVLA form ordering service, or some Post Office branches. Also, anyone can get it online, from the DVLA form ordering service, or from a few Post Office branches to fill out.
  • Using to get a new photo license is easy, but you'll need a passport number, a driving record (if your license is lost or stolen, you'll need to explain why in the application), and a way to pay. The cost is £20. When the DVLA makes your driver's license, they will use the picture and signature from your passport to make it. You need your passport number, which must be from the last five years. Once you've filled in all your information and paid for it, the DVLA will send your new license to you in the mail.

How To Apply For A Lost Driving License In The UK

The online application process for a replacement driving license in the United Kingdom is rather basic. All the things you need to do is visit the DVLA's official website and commence the procedure.

You must give addresses for the previous three years, make a payment of twenty pounds using a MasterCard, Visa, Delta debit card, or credit card, and submit your driver's license number.

Additionally, you must provide your national insurance number and passport number for convenience.

When you have a photocard driving license, there are two methods to replace it.

  • If you already have a photocard driver's license, replacing it is considerably easier since you may do it using your phone. As you begin the application procedure, keep in mind that you cannot apply by phone if your driver's license is damaged or is about to expire in fewer than 56 days.
  • If you plan to modify none of your information, you may immediately contact DVLA to apply. If you live close to a DVLA office, you must complete the D1 application form and mail it to the DVLA offices.

If you still have your paper driver's license, you may apply for a replacement swiftly and easily through the mail. sams odisha While this process may take longer than normal, it is safe and convenient. Get a D1 application form, complete it, and submit it for processing.

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Your prospective employer will often inquire whether you have a driver's license.

A valid driving license allows you to utilize business vehicles or travel for work, maximizing your working day.

Now you may have an idea about how to apply new and lost driving license in the UK and how to renew it as well. Or, if you are struggling with how to renew a driving license that has expired, it would be helpful for you.

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