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Brave Browser Download – Web browser with ad blocker

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The download installs the open source Brave browser for Windows, which allows faster internet browsing without annoying ads or trackers.

Compared to Firefox, Chrome and Co., the Chromium-based browser also wants to ensure better anonymity on the Internet by using the Tor network directly. Here we are offering Brave Browser version 1.13.86 for download.

CourageousBrave Browser for Windows

Download and install the Brave browser

The Brave browser is available on Windows in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. During the fully automatic installation, all necessary data is downloaded, which is why there must be an active connection to the Internet.

Brave is based on the Chromium engine, which is why users of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge in particular should find their way around quickly. After the first start, the search engine used by default can be specified, DuckDuckGo being predefined.

Ad blockers and onboard tracking

The Brave browser is compatible with add-ons from the Chrome Web Store, but also offers useful additional features. At the factory, the software blocks ads and trackers on visited websites, which could invade user privacy. This makes it difficult to create a digital footprint. Cookies are also removed from pages that are not regularly visited and automatically switched to secure HTTPS connections, if possible. Malicious scripts and websites are also blocked.

In addition to improving privacy, Brave browser promises a website up to twice as fast as in Chrome and Firefox by blocking ads and other unwanted content. Advanced users can fully adjust Brave Browser’s security settings, but the software should already offer optimal protection in the standard configuration.

Private mode via the Tor network

Brave offers extended private mode for even more privacy. Unlike other browsers, this can also be used over the Tor network if you wish. As a result, visited websites can no longer see the IP address assigned by your provider.

Another special feature of Brave is the Brave Rewards system. Users can collect tokens by viewing advertisements that respect privacy and use them to support favorite web designers and websites. In the future, premium content and gift cards should also be able to be purchased in this way.

Brave Download, more versions

In addition to the Windows version offered for download here, Brave is also available for download for Linux, Mac OS, Android and iOS.


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