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Continued competition: Slack warns investors against Microsoft’s revenge actions

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The operator of the communications platform Slack assumes that Microsoft will not only react legally to the competition lawsuit. There is concern that there may be acts of revenge in other places as well.

“In addition, we may be the target of retaliation or other adverse action from Microsoft, its employees or agents who represent a response to the complaint we have submitted to the European Commission,” according to a GeekWire report in the company’s mandatory quarterly announcement to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The purpose of these documents is to give shareholders a more detailed overview of the business and to inform them of possible risks.

What should be expected in concrete terms is not specified. Elsewhere, however, it’s been said that Slack is currently working in various places with Microsoft products, including Teams. The Redmond-based company may be raising barriers there, which then limit the functionality of its own product and make using Slack less attractive to users of Microsoft products.

This is the principle

The competition complaint concerns the free bundling of the Teams platform with the licenses of the Office applications. This can be interpreted as an abuse of a dominant position. Because the market-dominating office package is now being used to help your own business email gain large numbers of users, while a competitor like Slack has to be commercially successful on its own.

In an analyst survey, Slack boss Stewart Butterfield also said the competing lawsuit was not because there was currently increased pressure from Redmond. On the contrary, the complaint had been prepared over the past few years. Additionally, the market still offers such leeway that even the most recent team developments haven’t really limited Slack’s growth. Legal litigation therefore relates more to questions of principle than to current market developments.

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Microsoft, App, Skype, Communication, Startup, Slack



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