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Doom was designed to work on a digital pregnancy test

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Running games on any device imaginable with a screen has now become a little discipline. This particularly affects two games: The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim and Doom. The latter has now slaughtered the proverbial bird.

Because one user got the legendary shooter, first released in 1993, “up and running” on a device rarely used for gaming – even though waiting here is as exciting and nerve-racking as hardly any other. Because we are talking about a digital pregnancy test.

At first just a doom video – but it didn’t end there

Because hacker Foone Turing, known for his obscure hardware and software experiments, managed to perform Doom on such a digital pregnancy test reminiscent of a clinical thermometer. @Foone posted an animated GIF last weekend where Doom could be seen on the monochrome screen (resolution: 128 x 32 pixels) of such a pregnancy test. However, the Tftler pointed out that he was only showing video of Doom’s gameplay here, he couldn’t play shooter directly.

But in the meantime, Foone has also achieved this feat, as he has done in one or more Tweets shows. Of course, it takes a little imagination to recognize the “blown” doom. But at the latest, when you see an imp in close up, you can clearly see that this is truly the legendary identification software game.

You can and should dismiss all of this as a curiosity, but the thing still has an interesting aspect: because the Doom case shows that a banal digital pregnancy test now has enough computing power to run a technically revolutionary game in 1993. .

Foone Turing also found that digital pregnancy tests are in fact a “hoax”: the technology is only there to “announce” the result, the actual test is always performed using a strip of paper. .

Shooter, doom, pregnancy test

Shooter, doom, pregnancy test
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