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Download Microsoft Edge – The Chromium-based browser

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This download from Microsoft Edge for Windows installs the latest version of the Chromium Project-based Fast and Secure Browser.

When Microsoft Edge came out in 2015 with Windows 10, the browser was supposed to replace the old Internet Explorer. However, Edge never really became popular and lagged behind alternatives like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in terms of global user numbers. The group has therefore been working on a new global development for some time. This is now in the final version 85.0.564.51 ready to download.

Microsoft Edge based on ChromiumMicrosoft Edge based on Chromium

Downloading Chromium Edge – This is new

Version 85 brings a number of improvements and new features to the Microsoft browser. This includes the ability to synchronize favorites and settings directly between Active Directory profiles. Also new are improved group policy support, a tool to highlight text passages in PDFs, and a new memory access API. In addition, data stored in collections can now be exported directly to OneNote. Details on these and all other changes can be found in the Release Notes.

Microsoft says it will automatically distribute the new Edge browser through Windows 10’s update feature, but direct installation is also possible. Note that the previous version of Edge will be overwritten, that is, it cannot be used anymore.

New substructure: Microsoft Edge Chromium

Visually, the new Edge is reminiscent of a mix of the old version of the browser and Google Chrome, which is why users of both browsers should quickly find each other. Websites can be viewed in multiple tabs and created as favorites. Texts can be read completely or partially and with “InPrivate browsing”, Edge Surf removes traces after closing the application. With the switch from the old EdgeHTML engine to Chromium, Microsoft also promises better performance when opening websites.

Improved tracking protection

In addition, Microsoft Edge wants to score with extended data protection settings. Users can choose between different strict profiles in the program options and block unwanted trackers, for example. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen also protects against malicious websites and downloads.

The new Edge browser is versatile and customizable

The appearance of Microsoft Edge can be adjusted through settings, for example with a dark mode, and buttons not required can be hidden. The “New Tab” page can also be individually adapted and, in addition to favorites and quick access to the Bing search engine, also displays personalized messages on demand.

Even more functions can be added via extensions. These can be found and downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store or, thanks to the Chromium base, they can also be obtained from the Chrome Web Store.

Synchronize between devices

With the launch of the final version, Microsoft Edge is not only available in the version offered for download here for Windows 10, but also for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Mac OS, Android and iOS and can be found on the official website of the respective platform downloaded. Convenient: Passwords, favorites and settings are synchronized between devices via user profiles, if the user wishes. An existing Microsoft account is sufficient for this.


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