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Download Opera – Alternative browser for Windows 10

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Downloading Opera for Windows 10 installs a free internet browser with a built-in free VPN, messaging services, and ad blocker.

Opera has been continuously developed by Opera Software since 1995 and is currently available for free download in version 70.0.3728.189.

Download and install Opera

Opera supports Windows 7 as well as all newer versions of the operating system. Here we offer you the installer in offline version in separate files for 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows. Opera can be configured as a standard browser directly during installation. Bookmarks and data can also be imported from the current standard browser. Optionally, data on the use of the various functions can be transmitted to the developers.

Opera browser with Turbo mode and flashing

Since version 15, Opera uses the same technology to display websites as Google with its Chrome browser. The layout engine with the name Blink was developed on the basis of the open source WebKit rendering engine. In addition, the browsing speed can be further improved with the “Turbo Mode” function. All data is routed through the Opera server and optimized and compressed for viewing in the browser. Especially with a slow internet connection, this technology is said to speed up browsing considerably.

Malware Warning, VPN and more

In order to protect users from access by parasites such as malware when visiting infected pages, Opera uses built-in fraud protection, also known from browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. A warning is displayed to the user if a phishing attempt or malicious code is discovered while opening a website. For particularly careful users, Opera also offers the possibility of completely deactivating potential sources of danger such as Java videos, Flash and Quicktime. In order not to completely limit the functionality of the browser, these parameters can be defined for certain pages.

An ad blocker is also built into Opera. It does not need to be installed manually. Internet pages are therefore supposed to load much faster, but keep in mind that many Internet pages fund their offer through displayed advertising. Opera also blocks crypto miners hidden on websites. Practical: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram are directly integrated into Opera.

A built-in VPN function blocks cookie tracking and hides your own IP address, making it difficult to determine your location on the Internet. The function also protects personal data in public networks.

Meaningful user interface decisions

Opera offers a clean user interface which has been extended with many additional features in addition to familiar functions such as tabbed browsing and Omni-Box. The news relevant to the user is summarized under the heading “Discover”. Quick select allows quick access to user-defined content in new tabs. The corresponding surface can be completely adapted to your own needs.

The “Stash” function allows you to save web content with one click. With the pop-out feature, you can play online videos in a separate window while you visit other websites. A converter converts time zones, currencies, and units on websites. Finally, Opera can be controlled with a long list of mouse gestures.

Use add-ons in Opera

Similar to the browser competition, Opera also offers an add-on store which can be used to customize the look and functionality of the browser. Here, browsers like Firefox or Chrome offer many more options. For the normal user, there should be no additional wish between a multitude of themes and popular add-ons like Pocket or DoNotTrackMe. Under the name “Opera Link”, content such as bookmarks, search queries or settings can also be synchronized between different devices with the Norwegian browser – provided you have registered beforehand.

Takeover by China and alternative browsers

In 2016, developer Opera Software was taken over by Chinese consortium Golden Brick Silk Road Equity Investment Fund II LLP. However, the software continues to be developed in Oslo, Norway.

Apart from that, Opera offers all the basic functions of a modern browser and extends them with some useful extras. Thanks to the turbo mode, Opera ensures fast loading of pages even with a bad connection. But you have to get used to the idea that all data is routed through the provider’s server.

There are other great alternatives with Vivaldi and the Brave browser.

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