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Download Vivaldi – Interesting browser from the former boss of Opera

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Downloading Vivaldi installs a web browser with many additional features and customization options. In addition, all Chrome extensions can be used.

Vivaldi is an interesting alternative to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, but also to Mozilla Firefox. Vivaldi version 3.3.2022.45 is currently available for free download.

Vivaldi: New browserThe Vivaldi Navigator

Vivaldi download – It’s new

In version 3.3, Vivaldi has a new pause mode in which audio output is muted and most browser content is hidden. This should help improve the user’s work-life balance. An individual topic can now be set for private browsing, making it easier to recognize this mode.

Some parts of the URL can be cut and clicked in the address line. By highlighting the base domain, harmful websites can be identified more easily. Built-in ad and tracking blockers now also support rules. Details on all the innovations can be found in the official blog entry.

Alternative to opera with extras

The Vivaldi browser is a “descendant” of Opera. This is of course due to the fact that Vivaldi is being created under the leadership of Jon von Tetzchner, the former boss and co-founder of the Norwegian browser maker. Faithful Opera users will rediscover some of Vivaldi’s familiar features, but Vivaldi has a few ideas of their own or new.

Vivaldi supports, among other things, customizable keyboard shortcuts as well as mouse gestures and a quick start interface, but other vendors have also introduced Opera’s known “Popular Pages” (Speed ​​Dial) selection.

Vivaldi is particularly interesting because of its new functions, for example the possibility of grouping tabs (tab stack): you drag one tab onto a second, which means that two (or more) narrow lines appear above it tab. This makes it possible, for example, to create several thematic groups and thus guarantee more order. The name of the group can be chosen freely. The left panel is also handy, as it can show entire websites in addition to downloads, history, and bookmarks.

It is also possible to store notes directly in the browser. These allow the creation of a text that includes a URL and a screenshot, which allows (better than with a classic bookmark) to record what sets a particular website apart. In a special reading mode, Vivaldi hides annoying material such as advertising or videos on a website. Multiple selected tabs can be displayed side by side via the tiled view.

Design adjustments and more

In addition, the user interface of Vivaldi can be widely customized. In addition to color themes, this also includes the ability to place the tab bar around the bottom of the window or on the sides.

Vivaldi opts for the current trend towards “flat” or industrial design, he also works heavily with colored tabs and comparable elements.

Vivaldi also supports H.264 in HTML5 videos and installing Chrome extensions. Otherwise, however, not all the planned features are available yet: in the future, the browser should also have an email client. According to the manufacturers, a lot of things need to be implemented based on suggestions from the community.

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