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Elon Musk: Bill Gates has no idea – electric trucks

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If Tesla boss Elon Musk is successful, Microsoft founder and co-billionaire Bill Gates simply has no idea about electric-powered trucks. Musk recently dismissed concerns recently expressed by Gates about electric trucks as ignorance.

Elon musk recently declared Bill Gates has “no idea” about electric trucks. He answered the question of what he thought of the statements made by the founder of Microsoft on this subject. Gates published a blog post in August, writing some thoughts on the future of transportation and mobility.
Elon Musk: Bill Gates has no ideaMusk says Gates has no idea

Among other things, it was talked about the fact that one should aim to run as many vehicles as possible on electricity, even though this “may never be a workable solution” as far as vehicles are concerned. passenger planes, freighters or even long haul trucks go.

Gates sees other types of driving as an advantage over long distances

Electric vehicles have a clear advantage over the short haul, Gates says, but over the long haul it’s probably best to run on other alternative energy sources such as biofuels or hydrogen. Gates cited the heavy weight of the batteries as the reason for this, which only electric vehicles should transport long distances. In this case, however, he did not speak explicitly about the trucks.

Gates praised the industry’s progress in affordability and growing competition among manufacturers. He also praised the introduction of electric pickup trucks by a number of manufacturers such as General Motors, Ford and new competitors such as Rivian and Bollinger, but didn’t mention Tesla from everyone. Some time ago Tesla announced the so-called Cybertruck, a futuristic looking vehicle in the form of a pickup.

The company also plans to deliver its Tesla Semi, an electrically powered tractor that will also be used on long journeys with a maximum range of around 800 kilometers, from 2021.

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tesla, Elon Musk, Tesla Motors, Musk

tesla, Elon Musk, Tesla Motors, Musk



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