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How do I get the sound back on my laptop?

How Do I Get The Sound Back On My Laptop

We all know how frustrating it is to have your laptop unable to make a sound. There is a strong sense of the value of sound when working on a computer. Whether you want to hear the sound of an instant message, thinking of watching a movie, or want to enjoy while listening to music, Of course, the sound is an important part of your laptop. And if you are deprived of it, then these are some of the reasons why you are in trouble. Let's find a solution to your question. How do I get the sound on my laptop?

Some Common issues

First, you need to know what are the common issues that interfere with the audio. Only then can you quickly restore sound by focusing on the right solution. Some common audio problems you may deal with are these; external audio device connection issue, hardware and software glitches, failure of the old audio sound card, incorrect configuration, incompatibility of drivers, and other reasons.

Luckily for me, one of the solutions below worked, and it got me sound back on the laptop. You can try it too, to turn on the sound on your laptop. Follow these steps gradually to figure out the issue.

01 : Check the volume ICON

Check the volume ICON

There is a volume icon located at the bottom right side of the taskbar, check it if you unintentionally muted the sound by pressing external mute buttons. When you move the cursor over the symbol, it will show Speaker's status. Now confirm that speakers are not muted, and volume is turned all the way up to maximum.

02 : Reboot your PC

Reboot your PC

This small procedure can come handy sometimes, and it can fix various issues. So Reboot you pc one more time to see if it fixes the problem. It is the easiest procedure to get your audio back quickly.

03 : Plug headphones

Plug headphones

If you tried testing your internal speakers, but still there is no sound, then use the headphones to plug into the audio jack. If it works, then continue to find the issue with internal speakers.

04 : Update the drivers

 If at this point, your sound is still missing, you may have a corrupt driver. You may be facing this issue due to faulty audio drivers. As the above steps did not resolve laptop sound problems, then update the audio driver. You need to update the driver when the installed driver starts bothering you. It may be the reason for sound issues, to fix this update the drivers.

Audio configuration

Computers may experience audio configuration problems that can cause problems with sound.

Steps to follow:

  1. Press both Windows+X keys on your keyboard to open a quick-access menu, or you can right-click on the Start Menu Icon to select the device manager option from it.
  2. Click on Sound video and game controller icon to open audio device properties. Now right click on high definition audio device to update the software
  3. Click on the "Sound, video and game controllers" icon. Then, right-click on "High Definition Audio Device" and "Update Driver Software." Once you update your audio drivers, then restart your device to apply the changes.

05 : Audio Service

Audio Service
  • Once you update your device, the audio service sometimes stops working. So you have to reboot the service and then change its type to automatic.
  • To launch audio service press Windows+R at the same time and type services.msc in the Run search bar and press enter.
  • Search for Windows Audio Serviceunder services(local) and make sure it set to automatic. If not, then double click to open the properties and then change the startup type to automatic.

Now right click on windows audio to select restart from the menu.



If you're still wondering why audio isn't working on my laptop, then check your speakers. Because having multiple speakers sometimes can be confusing because updating windows can change these settings. So, if your default speaker is not what you are using, then it will result in no sound.

To fix this issue follow these steps:

  1. Click on the start menu to open the settings.
  2. You can now write in the search bar or tab on the system to open sound.
  3. In the output, the menu left click on choose your output device.
  4.  Now select your default output device on which you want to listen to the audio.

Turn your volume up to maximum, hopefully updating the device driver and applying the above methods have permanently fixed the issue of audio not working on your laptop.

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