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How To Delete Backup Files In Windows 10 Easy Way

how to delete backup files in windows 10

How to delete Windows 7 backup files in Windows 10

Due to rapid growth in the technology industry, software programs for computers are also developing fastly. However, the up-gradation of the machines may cause some problems related to backup files. For example, when the PC is replaced by Windows 10, the question arises on how to delete back up data in Windows 10 which are responsible for accommodating extra space in the drive. This article is related to the problems that appear when the computer is upgraded.

The easiest and proper method for deleting the backup files of Windows 7 in Windows 10 is by opening the Windows’ search field and type Cleanup Disk. By selecting the Cleanup option, wait for a moment. The window will appear displaying the previous windows downloads. Select the unwanted files and press Cleanup. All the backup files from Windows 7 will be deleted, and space will be left free.

How to delete backup files in Windows 7

It is always essential to delete the old files to make the space for new and useful data and information. Windows 7 is popular for creating backup data which ends up occupying the majority of the disk space. The growth of these data files is rapid and requires continuous removal. Fortunately, the process of deleting old data is not complicated. Just follow the steps, and the process is completed.

  1. Start the cleaning process from opening the Control Panel from the startup menu of the computer.
  2. Go to System and Security and press Backup your Computer link option. Windows 7 backup files will appear.
  3. From here, select the option Change Settings Link. The window will show all the information about the backup files of Windows 7 that are occupying extra space.
  4. Click on the option ‘View backups’. The backup and restore centre will appear on the screen.
  5. Select ‘delete’, and all the backup files will be deleted.
  6. Close the backup and restore centre

Backup data gives a major advantage in case of an emergency. It enables instant access to lost files and information. Sometimes, storing irrelevant and unused data occupies extra space in the computer that results in low storage capacity. For such situations, deleting backup files is essential to improve the efficiency of the machine.

Windows 10 backup delete old backups automatically

Backup plays a vital role in recovering the lost data. But with time, backups are responsible for the low speed and low memory of the computer, which results in the collapse backup system. However, the steps can be carried out to set the settings of the automatic management of backup files. Several methods can be used to delete the backup data automatically.

Method 1: install the specialized backup software in your Windows 10. This specialized software maintains and deletes the unwanted backup files regularly.

Method 2: Another way of deleting the backup files in Windows 10 is with the help of a built-in tool. Only a few people are aware of the automatic management system of backup in Windows 10. Open the ‘settings’ from the start menu. Select ‘Update & Security’ and open ‘Backup’. Go to ‘Backup & Restore’ settings which are inherited from Windows 7.

The window will appear showing the backup files. Select unwanted and unused files and delete them. After that, change the setting to ‘minimize the space used by the backup files’. Click ‘OK’ to apply the changes. This change will enable Windows only to keep useful backup data.

How to delete bak files in Windows 10

Whenever something goes wrong, backup is always there to help in a complicated situation. It helps in restoring the lost data without requiring a lot of time. The drawback of keeping the backup files is the decrease in the storage memory space. This disadvantage causes the regular maintenance of deleting the unnecessary backup files.

The backup system offered by Windows 10 is far modified and advanced than previous versions. The built-in versions keep the backup from different occasions to keep it safe. With the help of Windows File History, it copies the critical files and folders which utilizes the major space of the computer. Numerous copies of records are saved just for the backup in only 10 minutes.

To get rid of unwanted content, open the start menu, and select ‘Update & Security’ and choose the option ‘Backup’. Windows file history will begin showing details of all the backup files. Select ‘More Options’. Delete the backup files.

The saving of the backup files is set to ‘forever’ by default, change it to ‘every month’ and apply changes. The option of saving backup files can also be disabled. The process of keeping the backup of the data will be stopped unless you will enable it.

App backup files Windows 10

The standard method used for maintaining the backups in Windows 10. It includes the deleting of the old backup files with the help of the History Cleanup. Open the ‘control panel’ and from ‘system & security’ open ‘file history’.

Click on the option ‘advanced settings’ from the left side of the window. Select the option ‘clean up versions’ from the Versions section. You can also select the period of versions which you want to delete. Finally, click on ‘Clean up’ to remove backup files.

Command prompt method can also be used for maintaining the backup files. It is the way of commanding the internal drive of the computer to delete the backup files.

There are various better and effective ways to create extra storage space in the computer. Removal of the larger files and photos will also result in the extra space for the new applications and data.

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