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How To Fix A Corrupted Sd Card

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Sd card is used to provide extra storage in smartphones and tablets. Steps that can be taken to fix the corrupted sd card.

Options For Sd Card Repair Tool

Sd cards are beneficial in offering extra storage spaces in your smartphones, cameras, and tablets. Many people keep an additional sd card to store extra content and pictures. There is no doubt about the credibility of the Sd cards, but it takes a moment for them to be corrupted or unreadable, and you will lose all of the material in it. The problem arises on how to fix a corrupted card and recover the data without formatting it. Various sd card repair tools and techniques are available which offer the recovery of lost data without formatting the sd card. follow the steps given below for the improvement of data:

  1. Sometimes it is not the sd card which is defected, the device is unable to read sd card and declares the sd card corrupted. Try inserting the sd card in other devices; maybe it recovers the data.
  2. Usually, the sd card is covered with the write-protected seal. It disables the user from opening, editing, and viewing the data. Slide the switch on an upward direction from the left side to remove the write-protection. It may enable the sd card.
  3. Run the anti-virus software on the sd card. It will remove the hidden viruses and enable the operations in the sd card.

Sd Card Corrupted Android Fix Without Computer

Many android models of smartphones and tablets come with and card to enhance their speed and storage space. Unfortunately, there is always a chance of an sd card to get corrupted and unreadable. You are maybe on the verge of losing all of the critical data such as pictures, music, files, etc. There is no guarantee of recovering the lost data, but some methods can be tried.

Try inserting the corrupted sd card in other electronic devices. The sd card might start working correctly. There is a limited life of sd card, and after that, it may get damaged for unknown reasons. Always try to back up the information on various devices to ensure not to lose any data.

Even after recovering the data from the corrupted sd card, some of the files might be missing. Or maybe the existing files and photos showing on the phone can not be copied or pasted into other devices. The option of deleting unwanted photos and data may get disappeared.

How To Repair Damaged Sd Card Without Formatting

If the sd card is corrupted, it can be repaired without going through the formatting. There are specific reasons behind the damaging of the sd card, which includes:

  1. Mishandling of the sd card like inserting or removing it from the device improperly.
  2. System files corrupt, which may cause damage to the sd card.
  3. Virus or malware may have attacked the sd card
  4. It is interfering during the process of the formatting of the sd card.
  5. Sd card may contain manufacturing faults.

Following Techniques Can Be Used For The Repairing Of The Damaged Sd Card:

  1. One of the most natural methods of regaining the lost data from the sd card is to attach the sd card with the computer and let Windows scan it.
  2. If scanning doesn’t work for the sd card, try using the command prompt method. Type command check disk (drive letter). It is the command for Windows to check the sd card.
  3. Open the device manager and find the sd card in it. By right-clicking on the memory card select disable and then after sometime click enable. It may order you to restart the computer. After the procedure, the sd card may work properly.

How To Recover Data From Corrupted Memory Card Without Formatting

Recovering the data without formatting the sd card requires some tricks. For Windows 8 or 10, go in the start menu and open disk management. Locate the position of the sd card in it and right-click on it and select the option “Change the drive letter and paths” and hit apply. After applying the mentioned changes, restart the computer.

How To Format Corrupted Sd Card

If the sd card is corrupted and none of the methods is working to regain control over the sd card. The only option left is formatting it.

Formatting can be done by using a third-party formatting application. Open the Windows Explorer and download any efficient formatting tool software.

Open the software and locate the corrupted sd card in it—Right-click on the sd card option and select format. Click ‘OK’ to continue the process of formatting.

After all the essential steps, the software will complete the formatting of the sd card, and the sd card will be successfully fixed without any errors. The control of the sd card will be gained back, and it will be ready to use.

How To Repair Damaged Sd Card In Android

When the unexpected error appears on the screen of an sd card, displaying that sd card is damaged, it disables all the controls of the sd card. For repairing the sd card of Android, please remove it from the phone and connect it to the computer. Find and select the sd card on the computer and select the option ‘Format.’

Sometimes, Windows doesn’t permit the process of formatting the sd card. So, the process may be carried out by installing a formatting software program. After formatting the sd card, it will be ready to use.

There are many advantages of having the space for the sd card in the phone. It provides extra storage capacity and reduces the use of phone memory. It can also be used as a portable device for the transfer of information. However, it is a sensitive object that can be damaged easily. One should know how to fix a corrupted sd card and methods to recover the data from it.

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