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LG Wing: Leaked video shows spinning mechanism in action

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Electronics maker LG has developed a new smartphone with an interesting sliding mechanism. A leaked video shows how the unfolding and folding of the extra screen works. The LG wing will be presented next week.

In addition to the main screen, the LG Wing has a second screen that can be pulled out via a rotating mechanism. The leaked video has surfaced on YouTube and demonstrates that it is possible to remove the secondary panel with one hand. As soon as the LG Wing is used in the classic smartphone state, the two screens are arranged one above the other. As a result, the device is also a bit thicker than flagship models from most other manufacturers.

LG Wing: this is how the rotation mechanism can be used

Display can be rotated 90 degrees

However, with the LG Wing it is possible to rotate the top screen 90 degrees to create a T-shape. This can be useful if, in addition to a full screen app, another app needs to be visible as well. on the smartphone. If the user has opened a browsing or chat service in addition to a game, for example, the game can be displayed on the main screen and the second app on the rear screen. When the screen is folded up, the display automatically switches from landscape to portrait format.

The LG wing will be officially unveiled on September 14. A market launch could take place in the fall. It is not yet known whether the smartphone will be available in Europe from the start. With a price tag of the equivalent of $ 1,000, the device is expected to be significantly cheaper than foldable smartphones from manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei. So far, however, it’s unclear which components will be used inside the new T smartphone.

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