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Movies and series: New starts of the week on Netflix, Amazon and Disney +

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This week, the three video streaming services Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney + are making more than 20 new movies and series available to their subscribers for broadcast and download. Our compact overview shows you all the new products for the next seven days.

Anyone looking for real highlights on well-known streaming platforms in the week of September 7-13 will likely rarely find them. Netflix alone is adding 16 new movies and series to its schedule, but you will search in vain for real blockbusters. Included are series such as The Duchess, Family Business and The Home Edit documentary series. When it comes to new movies, we meet The Babysitter: Killer Queen, Papa Wanted and Mignonnes, the oft-criticized movie online. Last week’s reboots were more interesting: Away, Captain Phillips, Logan Lucky, and Freaks are definitely worth checking out.

NetflixBabysitter: Killer Queen (Netflix)
Amazon Prime VideoMr. and Mrs. Smith (Prime Video)

15-year-old movies and Bryan Cranston need to fix it

Amazon Prime Video and Disney + subscribers don’t get anything either. Over the next few days, only five new movies and series will begin here, with Mr. and Mrs. Smith with 2005’s Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie being the “highlight”. Additionally, along with The Only True Ivan, a new Disney movie has been released that uses CGI effects to manage the life of a silverback gorilla and his equally animal friends in the suburban mall. Among others, Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and the original voices of Angelina Jolie, Sam Rockwell, Helen Mirren and Co.

If you’d like to look further into the future, you’ll find links to all the September highlights from the streaming platforms at the bottom of this article.


  • My teacher, the octopus of September 7
  • Star Stripe: Season 2 starting September 8
  • The dilemma with social media from September 9
  • La Línea of ​​September 9
  • Cute from September 9
  • Corazón Loco – Crazy Heart of September 9
  • The Home Edit: Now will be cleaned up from September 9
  • Atiye: The Gift – Season 2 from September 10
  • Julie and the ghosts of September 10
  • Secret World of Idhún from September 10
  • The Babysitter: Killer Queen from September 10
  • The Duchess of September 11
  • The Diva of September 11
  • Family business: Season 2 from September 11
  • Dad wanted 9/11
  • Pets United from September 11

Amazon Prime Video

  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith from September 8
  • Free field from September 10
  • Amundsen – Race to the South Pole from September 11

Disney +

  • The only real Ivan from September 11
  • Lost Maya Treasures (Season 1) from September 11

Which series or movie is your favorite on Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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Streaming, Amazon, Download, Stream, Netflix, Film, Series, Disney, Disney +, Prime Video, Highlights, Disney Plus, September 2020, week 37



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