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Netflix boss: the home office is definitely not suitable for creative businesses

Netflix boss the home office


The head of streaming company Netflix can do little to gain from the hype surrounding the home office. Even though almost all of the company’s employees currently stay at home, that should change again if possible.

Right now, it sometimes seems like it only takes one effort to get one direction after another to come up with the idea that you can usually let employees work from home. From a business perspective, this also seems like a good idea at first glance, because when in doubt, you save a lot of expensive office space if people move their work place from home. And the data available so far also suggests that productivity will not suffer.

Reed Hastings now seems to be the one who doesn’t like the trend. “I don’t see anything positive about it,” he said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. He is very impressed with the casualties that many people have suffered as a result of the pandemic. However, from his point of view, the solutions found are not permanent options.

A little will stay

Moving to the home office can work well in places where employees only work at their desks anyway. However, some important processes cannot simply be replaced. For example, according to Hastings, it has become difficult to exchange ideas. This usually works best in face-to-face meetings because in direct communication ideas can be discussed and jointly developed more quickly and with greater focus. This applies in particular to international processes in which it is also important to absorb cultural moods.

Nonetheless, Hastings is confident that the home office will remain a more important part of the working world, even after the corona pandemic. For Netflix, he estimates that it will seem more like employees are in the office four days a week and work on one from home. “I bet most businesses will end up there,” he said.

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Netflix, CEO, Netflix Germany, Reed Hastings

Netflix, CEO, Netflix Germany, Reed Hastings



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