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PCMark 10 – Full Reference Software Download

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PCMark 10, here in current version 2.1.2506, is a comprehensive reference software from UL developer, with which the performance of desktops, laptops and tablets can be verified. Different tests are offered, sorted according to different application scenarios. Above all, they must simulate daily tasks and thus produce the most realistic result possible.

UL PCMark 10

Put to the test

If you want to know exactly what your own system is capable of, it is best to use a reference tool. UL (formerly Futuremark) software has been one of the most popular solutions for years. With PCMark 10, the Finnish developers are offering a free program that is even used in the professional sector to determine the performance of hardware components.

PCMark 10 can test systems with various benchmarks that simulate different tasks. This includes browsing the Internet, using tables and documents, and editing photos and videos. The software is structured so that it can test both weak hardware – like tablets and netbooks – but also high-end PC components. To this end, tests are offered under the headings “Home”, “Creative” and “Work”, which have been adapted to the different use scenarios.

In addition, the developers offer additional tests in the paid advanced and professional editions with which you can determine, among other things, the battery life of laptops or tablets and the performance of hard drives. PCMark 10 requires Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 (both 64-bit) as the operating system.

The standard reference tool

If you want to know what the system can do, PCMark 10 gives the right answers. The software can test a wide variety of systems and, through its widespread use, also provides many comparative values. Unfortunately, additional handy tools like battery and hard drive test can only be used by buyers of the paid version.

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