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PlayStation 5: low numbers torpedo the release of the PS5

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Due to production issues, there should be a drastic reduction in the number of PS5 units by the end of March. New reports speak of poor performance of AMD chips, which should lead to a deficit of up to four million PlayStation 5 consoles.

In knowledgeable circles, Bloomberg colleagues are said to have learned that Sony is currently grappling with issues affecting the production of the PlayStation 5. The rate of return in the production of AMD (SoC) chips suitable for the PS5 console would not be than 50%. Although it is expected to increase steadily, it has yet to reach a stable level. For this reason, the first edition of the PlayStation 5 is expected to be reduced from the 15 million consoles planned to a number of eleven million, which are expected to drop off the line by the end of March 2021.

Limited availability on departure, Airmail should help

The current plan to produce nine to ten million PS5 systems this year alone therefore probably cannot be met. In order to ensure availability for the eventual release in November and the upcoming Christmas business, Sony must deliver the next-gen consoles primarily by air to resellers around the world. As analyst Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad discovered, 60 machines alone must take off from production sites for the USA. No concrete information has yet emerged on deliveries to Europe.

On September 16 (Wednesday) from 10 p.m. KST Sony will most likely be talking about prices and release dates for the PS5. Experts assume that PlayStation 5 consoles could appear sometime in November at prices starting at $ 399. Competitor Microsoft kicks off on September 22 with pre-orders for the Xbox Series X ($ 499.99) and Xbox Series S ($ 299.99), which will arrive with the first players from November 10. In addition, Nintendo is also expected to work on a possible Switch Pro for the coming year.

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