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SETI researchers complete a major project: there is only silence outside

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So far, 2020 is not exactly humanity’s heyday, and SETI researchers probably have nothing to help possibly get the case done. A large project ended with rather disappointing results.

Recently in Australia people have been listening in the direction of about 10 million stars in the hopes of picking up signals that are most likely of artificial origin. After evaluating the data, the result was not even the slightest suspicion. If you crossed out the signals that were clearly to be defined as natural, there was nothing left but complete silence.

In this case, the researchers used data provided by the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) to search for alien intelligences (SETI). This is a facility in which 4,096 antennas were placed over a large desert area in Western Australia and combined to form a large virtual antenna.

Hope for revealing models

The hope was to intercept the so-called techno signatures. These are direct signals as they would occur if an alien civilization tried to trigger us. Rather, they are electromagnetic models created by normal technological applications. The Earth also sends a true radio thunderstorm into space via radio, communication with satellites and many other applications.

SETI researchers set out to observe the region of the ship’s constellation sail sky. There are several star clusters and large regions of nebulae in which new stars are formed. This is the object of radio astronomer observations anyway, and SETI researchers use their data for secondary purposes rather than using their own observation times.

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Astronomy, telescope, radio telescope, SKA



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