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SIM. Of Mega Deal: 10 GB LTE tariff with flat rates for a short period of less than 10 euros Mega Deal 1599667054 0 12


From today, has again launched a pricing campaign in which the price will decrease and the offer will be improved. The price of the LTE ALL 8 GB tariff will be reduced during the promotional period and customers will also receive two GB of additional surf volume.

Promotion on pay less and get more data volume is launching its new pricing campaign with immediate effect under the “Mega-Deal” heading, but interested parties must hurry: the end of the offer is Sunday, September 13, 2020 at 11.59pm. The objective of the campaign is the LTE ALL 8 GB tariff, normally offered at 14.99 euros. For the next three days, the price will now be reduced very significantly to 9.99 euros.
mega-business pay less and use more data volume
But that’s not all: as an added bonus in the tariff promotion, the included data volume of 8 GB is increased by an additional 2 GB – so that the tariff drops below the limit of one euro for one GB of volume of data during the promotion period. The provider specifies the browsing speed as “up to 50 Mbit / s”. If the volume is exhausted, an automatic data system kicks in, which rebook up to 3 times 200MB of data volume for 2 euros each, but this can be disabled. The tariff is implemented in the O2 / Telefonica network.

Otherwise everything is included

As is now the case with such tariffs, the “mega-deal” tariff also offers a global offer for telephony and SMS. In addition to a flat rate for calls and short messages in all German networks, surcharges for telephone calls, text messages and navigation abroad are not provided through the “EU-foreign flat rate”. If you choose a 24-month contract duration, there is also no connection fee of 19.99 euros. There is a cost assumption on to take the phone numbers with you.

Presentation of the “Mega Deal”

  • data volume 8th 10 GB LTE now for 9.99 instead of 14.99 euros per month
  • LTE speed with up to 50 Mbps upload and 32 Mbps upload
  • Automatic data can be turned off
  • Flat rate telephony in all German networks
  • Flat SMS in all German networks
  • Roaming in the EU
  • Connection sharing possible
  • Portability of the 6.82 euro exchange bonus number
  • No provision price for a 24 month term
  • Single provision price of 19.99 euros for contracts without term
  • O2 network

Mega deal on All LTE tariffs at a glance

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Price, offer, action, Drillisch,

Price, offer, action, Drillisch,



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