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Software bug: Third-party products could charge Tesla V3 charger for free

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A software glitch prompted the electric driver community in Germany to ‘storm’ the new Tesla Supercharger V3: For a short time, free charging of third-party products was possible at sites, but now that should be over.

The subject of charging infrastructure is still a horror for many electric car owners. Tesla, on the other hand, relied on its own network from the start, making it easier for users. But if a Tesla Model S, for example, can easily plug into a charging station with a matching CSS connection from any supplier, it couldn’t be the other way around. The jokes about electrical conductors have therefore started so far: “Does an eGolf drive the Tesla Supercharger ??”.

Ignorance has brought amazing results

It was the same last week. YouTuber Michael Scharnberg was at a Supercharger with his Tesla and recorded video when an eGolf stood next to him, snapped the charging cable and plugged it into his vehicle. Normally, nothing should happen then. But the eGolf loaded and everyone involved was amazed.

The Supercharger actually communicates with the vehicle and uses the ID to verify which vehicle it is in order to then issue a corresponding invoice. Third-party brands were also recognized as such and basically ignored, the charging process could not start. What happened now is easy to explain – although theories were first traded in the community that it could be a version of Tesla’s Supercharger, after Elon Musk was invited to visit. Germany this week and at VW, among others. could try new electric vehicles.

This is simply a bug which, according to early results, only occurred in V3 generation superchargers. The V3 is only just beginning, the first charging stations were opened in August. Tesla was aware of the problem, but was unable to fix the bug in a timely manner. But after videos started circulating in which electric car drivers stormed the superchargers and – unlike Tesla owners who didn’t receive a free charge when they bought the vehicle – didn’t not had to pay for the charging process, everything went pretty quickly.

Fixed a free loading bug?

It was said that the update is in progress and the first tests confirmed that Tesla’s free store for third-party products has already ended.
Infographic: Elon Musk – Life at a Glance

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Electric cars, Tesla, charging station, charging station, compressor
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