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Tesla factory near Berlin: drone footage shows huge progress

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Berlin and construction projects are known to be a time consuming issue. It is embarrassing for those responsible and applauds the whole world. The Gigafactory under construction in Brandenburg shows that there is another way. Because she is making incredible progress.

Those who live in Berlin are just not used to things going as planned and even quickly. But electric carmaker Tesla’s gigafactory is being built in rapid advance – in any case, current drone flyovers show the plant is being built at an impressive rate.

The photos come from a YouTuber named flybrandenburg, who regularly lets his drone fly over the grounds of the future Gigafactory – all with the blessing of Tesla boss Elon Musk, who personally campaigned a few months ago for the YouTuber is authorized to fly and film the site regularly.

The young man named Daniel does this every week and documents how quickly Tesla’s first European factory, located about 40 kilometers from Berlin, is being built. The electromobility blog Electrek also describes the progress filmed last Sunday as “impressive”.

Prefabricated components

The background is that a new kind of building technology is being used and this has already resulted in large buildings. In principle, Tesla works with pre-produced “building blocks”, so many parts are built elsewhere, brought to Grünheide and installed or used there.

What exactly can be seen is in the description on YouTube, the video also has handy chapters that make classification even easier. Hurry is also on the agenda, as production in the German Gigafactory is expected to start as early as July 2021. One can only hope that Tesla has taken German bureaucracy into account.

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tesla, Tesla Motors, Berlin, factory, Brandenburg, Gigafactory, Grünheide

tesla, Tesla Motors, Berlin, factory, Brandenburg, Gigafactory, Grünheide
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