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The video leak gives the price and technical details

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Microsoft is releasing two new consoles this year, the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. New information on the latter is now posted, including an official video that shows the design of the console and also names the price and month of. publication. The video was produced by “WalkingCat” (@ _h0x0d_) posted via Twitter.

Thus, the Xbox Series S will be launched in November 2020 at a price of only 299 euros. According to Microsoft, it should be the smallest Xbox console to date. There is no optical drive, so games only come as a download (or stream).

Nevertheless, Microsoft promises next-generation performance, which will be made possible, among other things, by a specially adapted NVME SSD. Up to 120 FPS at 1440p, 4K upscaling, ray tracing, and variable frame rate are also mentioned.

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