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Ventoy Download – Create Bootable USB Drives

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This download of the open source tool Ventoy for Windows allows you to create bootable USB drives based on one or more ISO files.

Ventoy is characterized by its ease of use: ISOs do not have to be laboriously unpacked. Instead, just simply drag it onto the USB drive. In addition to live use, the data carriers can also be used to install operating systems. Ventoy version 1.0.21 is currently available for download for Windows.

VentoyVentoy start menu

Download and install Ventoy

Ventoy does not need to be installed on the PC and can therefore be run directly after unpacking the downloaded archive. However, before using it for the first time, it is necessary to configure the USB stick through Ventoy. To do this, select it from the “Device” drop-down list and click on the “Install” button. As an alternative to the USB stick, the tool can also manage external hard drives.

Ventoy divides the data medium into two partitions: one with exFAT and another with the FAT file system, the latter being inactive by default and ISOs should only be copied to the exFAT partition. Important: during the first installation, Ventoy deletes all data from the USB key, so it is essential to back it up first!

Add new ISOs to Ventoy

If Ventoy was installed on the USB stick, just copy the ISO files to the exFAT partition. Ventoy searches all directories and subdirectories of this partition for suitable media images and displays them in a preview when booting from the stick. According to its own information, Ventoy supports both legacy BIOS and UEFI with over 260 tested ISO files, including Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 drives as well as many Linux distributions. Even ISOs larger than 4 GB and WIM files can be used without any problems.

Download Windows 7 Iso Windows 8.1 Download Iso Windows 10 Download Iso

Using Ventoy comes in handy, for example, when so-called live systems need to be tested, i.e. operating systems that can be started without installation. In addition, Ventoy can also be used as installation media for Windows and Co.

If an ISO file is no longer needed, it can be easily deleted. Ventoy uses an update function to update the data carrier without having to reinstall it from scratch. Convenient: a USB key configured with Ventoy can still be used to save other files.

Ventoy alternatives

In addition to the Windows version offered here, Ventoy is also available for Linux. A similar program is YUMI, which also allows using multiple ISOs on a USB stick. There are other alternatives, for example with Rufus or balenaEtcher.


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