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Watch TV and listen to Internet radio Download

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With onlineTV (version you can receive and record many TV channels via the Internet, even without a TV. In addition, the program allows you to access other media formats such as radio stations or newspapers.

tv onlineThe online TV start screen

Watch TV and record for free

After starting the software, you can choose between the categories “Television”, “Radio”, “Music Videos”, “Live Streams”, “Webcam”, “Newspapers”, “Media Libraries” and “My Entries”. In the area of ​​television, for example, you have access to German, English, French, Austrian, Swiss and American channels. In the other categories, the selection of countries is even greater.

Audio and video streams can also be recorded by clicking on the record buttons. These can be saved to hard drive or uploaded to Google Drive or OneDrive.

With online TV, you can also access the media libraries of many public TV channels and search them by date or by program title. Video files can also be downloaded here.

Since online TV has a modular structure, extensive listings of TV and radio stations as well as webcams are available for download from the developer’s website. You can also include your own online content in the “My Entries” area, provided you know the relevant addresses.

onlineTV supports Windows 2008 R2, 7, 8 and 10 operating systems, each in 32 and 64 bit version. The software also requires Internet Explorer version 10 or higher. You can also download a version for Mac OS X and Android from the program’s website.

Good media player and recorder

Online TV is free software that gives you easy access to hundreds of TV and radio stations. Unlike Zattoo, TV programs can even be recorded and additional content such as newspapers or webcams are offered. In the free version, some functions can only be used to a limited extent and advertising is displayed.

onlineTV is available for Windows, Android and Mac.


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