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watchOS 7: Update for Apple Watch – Public Beta Tried

watchOS 7: Update for Apple Watch – Public Beta Tried


The Apple Watch is the most powerful smartwatch for the iPhone. One of their strongest selling points: each year, the manufacturer provides their watches with new software that unlocks many functions. The update will be available on September 16, 2020 watchOS 7 and brings a new wave of innovations, also for the Apple Watch 6 and the Apple Watch SE, which were created during the manufacturer’s opening speech. Older watches included in the Apple Watch update and those that aren’t rotating have been in the spotlight since this year. W.orldwidea RE.developers vs.onference (WWDC June 22, 2020). Eager people have been testing watchOS 7 since the release of the public beta. COMPUTER BILD has already tried the preview version for a few months and here summarizes the serious innovations that the software update brings.


When is watchOS 7 coming?

Apple announced that the update will come to all compatible Apple Watches on September 16, 2020. For the first time, the group is offering a public beta so users can try out the new software before it officially kicks off. they are upgrading their iPhone and Apple Watch to a preview version. IPhone users can find out how installing watchOS 7 public beta works in a separate article. In the following, you can learn more about specific innovations.

watchOS 7: New watch faces

The following innovations for watch faces (“Watch Faces”) are provided with watchOS 7:

  • Several complications for the dials: Watch faces can be used with Complications Mistake. A complication here is the additional information on the dial, such as the date or the weather display, which act as app shortcuts? then go directly to the respective application by pressing. What’s New: Developers, including those of third-party apps, can now create multiple complications from the same app.
  • New dials: Apple has shown new watch faces. This includes the “Chronograph Pro” watch face with a tachymeter to calculate speed based on time traveled a specified distance. The “X-Large” dial now offers the possibility of placing an extended complication. The final software will include striped dials (eg in national colors) and one with an animated Memoji. As a complication, the workout app, walkie talkie, contact, map app, compass or stocks app can be configured in the beta software.
  • Share the watch face: The configuration of the dials can now be shared with others. So who created a particular watch face? on the choice of complications and color ?? shares this attitude with other users. On the watch, the menu opens with a Force Touch on the dial. The share symbol appears at the bottom left. If you tap on it, you can send the watch face to others via iMessage if you want. This arrives on the recipient’s iPhone as a “.watchface” file. There are now forums for the public exchange of Watch Faces. Apple also offers such an option through the App Store.

The Chronograph Pro dial is new. Users can now share their watch face settings with others. A big application? this is now possible with the X-Large dial.

New features in watchOS 7

Apple offers smart new features.

  • Maps application: The Maps app on Apple Watch supports cyclists. For some cities, including Shanghai and Los Angeles, the app provides more information, such as the slope or stairs along the route. In the beta of the map app, the route options now include walking, driving directions and local public transport as well as the option “bike”. However, this only works for certain cities. When you try it, for example, you can set the parameters of a cycle route in Los Angeles: You can select that the navigation should avoid stairs, hills and / or busy streets. It is still unclear if and when this will happen in German cities.
  • Translator: Like iOS 14, watchOS 7 also has a translation tool. Siri takes over this function on the watch. In the beta, for example, it works from German to other languages ​​by asking Siri: “Can you translate something?” Then Siri asks which language to translate into. To translate the reverse to German, users need to change the language of Siri in the Settings app.
  • Applying shortcuts: The known iPhone shortcut app also migrates to the watch. This allows users to manage the shortcuts created on the iPhone. It was already working with beta software.
  • New complications: There are new complications for Watch Faces: for camera remote control, sleep monitoring and application of shortcuts. The sleep complication also went to the control center. This menu opens when users swipe from the bottom to the top.
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Shortcuts can now also be managed through Apple Watch.

Fitness and health in watchOS 7

  • Fitness app instead of activity app: The activity app, in which Apple has so far provided an overview of workouts and movement level, has received a new streamlined design and is now called “Fitness.” Apple has reduced the app to two tabs: “Overview” with a compact view of activity rings, trainings, trends and rewards, and “Share” with the ability to exchange your data with other users. In fact, it makes the app much clearer. With the division into three applications ?? Watch, health and fitness ?? however, users must continue to live. Interesting: the Apple TV system tvOS 14 also receives the fitness app and streams workout videos there.
  • Sleep tracking: Users have waited a long time for this, but now Apple has officially announced it: Apple Watch is recording users’ sleep from watchOS 7! It provides an analysis the next morning, which it also transfers to the health app, and also shows the charge level of the watch battery. Apple wants people to meet their sleep goals. When setting up, they determine when they want to fall asleep and when to get up. Beta software shows: This can also be configured differently on a daily basis. In addition, an alarm clock with vibration and / or sound can be turned on and off. Does the watch send reminders when the battery is low before going to bed? this is a good idea because the battery only lasts a day or two. If you want, the clock can go into muted mode before you even go to bed. In sleep mode, it locks the watch face so that it does not accidentally activate while sleeping. It works the same as what users already know about water lock mode. Unlocking works by turning the crown.
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watchOS 7 brings the long-awaited sleep mode. The idea is that users define one or more sleep plans.

  • Wash your hands: The watch automatically detects when users wash their hands and displays a 20 second countdown timer so that users wash their hands long enough. Handy in the days of Corona! Users activate the feature in the Watch Settings app. In the beta, the watch only recognized occasional hand washing. When she recognized the movement, she sent haptic feedback and started the stopwatch.
  • New training modes: Dance, Core Training, and Functional Strength and Recovery training modes now receive an exact calorie calculation because Apple has adapted the algorithms and offered them as new training modes.
  • Listen: The noise app now provides information if users are listening to music too loudly with headphones, for example. Starting with iOS 14, this setting can be managed using the Health app on the iPhone.
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If desired, the watch should recognize when users wash their hands and then start a 20-second stopwatch.

Which Apple Watch gets watchOS 7?

Obviously, the watches receive updates for three years before Apple does not update them any more: with watchOS 6, the Apple Watch Sport, sold from 2015, left the grid, with watchOS 7, c ‘is now the second generation presented in 2016.


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