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What Are Some Cool Google Tricks?

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Did you know that people around the Globe use Google search engine every day? These people use Google for various things, like research for their projects and fun. But most people do not understand what the right way is and how they can benefit from using the different cool google tricks. And how you can use it for better search experience.

What’s interesting in hidden cool Google tricks?

You may think of doing nothing but search for information, but there are many tricks and fun games that we can play on it. These Cool Google Tricks are more than you think in this powerful search engine, which you will just get acquainted within this article. I’m so excited to show you what you’re missing.

How to use Google search engine tricks and what are the methods you should learn. Here are some of google’s secrets and cool hidden stuff that can improve your search engine experience.

What are the top 14 hidden cool Google tricks?

1: Flip a Coin

google flip a coin

We use coin toss when we have to decide between two alternative things. Google provides us with this facility digitally using Flip a Coin trick. Type flip a coin in the google search bar. How this works, you can see it by yourself.

2: Written Numbers

Written Numbers

Use Google’s method to write numbers in English and any amounts in English words easily. You can convert any long string with this trick—for example; You want to find out what ‘73423’ is in English, we write 73423=English. We will get our answer. Some people feel difficult to write it in English, so, Cool google tricks will help you write numbers in words.

3: Google Sphere

Google Sphere

If you want to see the entire Google page being whirl around, type “google sphere” in the google search bar or click on “I am feeling lucky” and see google page move in the sphere. It is a fun trick game.

4: Timer on google

Timer on google

With the help of google timer, you can use a timer or stopwatch on the search engine. Type “timer” in the search bar and enter your desired time, and you will be able to turn off the timer when the time is up.

5: Google Gravity

Google Gravity

Have you ever felt gravity in real? Google has taken a Google gravity trick for you, which will turn your Google page upside down. Type google gravity in the search bar and click on the “I am feeling lucky” and you will see the magic

6: Roll dice

Roll dice

You can roll dice to get some real number, which is a random google dice simulator that will generate any number. Let’s turn and get a different result each time. You have to type “Roll dice” in the search bar to enjoy rolling dice.

7: Askew/Tilt


You will be astonished to see google search screen tilt on one side. Here is how you can make a screen tilt by typing on your google search bar askew. You may think that your screen has some issues, but google has adjusted it by a few degrees.

8: Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush

It’s a playable game that Google has created that destroys search results if not clicked with the mouse. To get this effect, write “Zerg Rush” on the google search bar and click on “I am feeling lucky.”

9: Google mirror

Google mirror

Who doesn’t like to look in the mirror? Use Google’s mirror to turn everything into a mirror. This feature is similar to other Google tricks. It’s easy and mind-boggling. Type “google mirror” and click on “I am feeling lucky” to get this effect. It is one of the most favorite cool google tricks.

What games are hidden in google tricks?

10: Atari breakout

Atari breakout

It is a game of concentration on google playable games, which turns images into arcade classic video games. Just type “Atari breakout” on the search engine, and after clicking on “I am feeling lucky,” and the game is ready to play. I hope you are enjoying these cool google tricks.

11: Do a Barrel Roll

Do a Barrel Roll

Do you want to spin the computer screen and do a little fun? Type “do a drum roll” and click on “I am feeling lucky” and watch the google page roll like a barrel. You can also send this trick to your friends to surprise them.

12: Play Pacman

Play Pacman

Everyone knows about Pacman, many people like him. You can play it on the Google search engine. Type ‘Pacman’ on google homepage and press enter. Now press the play button to start the game and enjoy your favorite game. It’s one of the entertaining cool google tricks.

13: Recursion


It is an amusing trick. It is a never-ending loop that once you get stuck in it, you will be trapped inside. People can enjoy that recursion is an infinite loop that appears to happen again and again. To try this type ‘recursion’ on google search bar and enter and click on ‘did you mean’ recursion, every time it will show recursion.

14: blink HTML

Blink HTML is used to blink all the HTML tags. You can go to the google search bar and write ‘blink HTML,’ and you can observe the elements will start flashing.

There it is every cool Google tricks you would ever enjoy۔you never feel the need for any of these. But you will also enjoy using them, and you can make productive use of the search engine.

What is your most favorite trick? Let us know in the comments below

I am Robert C. James. A student of MSc in Computing (Applied) from Technological University Dublin (Dublin). I am a Computer Research Technologist, a Journalist and a Writer. I am mainly a Blogger Vlogger and a Creative Writer of all fields.

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