What Are The Ethical Issues In Information Technology?

Information technology identifies the use of computer systems to manipulate, store, and extract the particulars from the operating systems. It requires the use of hardware, software, database, and networking. Information technology has extensive usage in education, health industry, banking operations, and scientific researches. With the rise in the use of technology, there should also be aware of security and ethical issues.


One should know what are the ethical issues in information technology and how to respond in such situations. The commonly known moral issue of information technology are as follows:


The most critical and common ethical issue arises in the safety of personal information. Due to the distribution of the database over a large number of team members, the chances of the third-party to access the private information of an individual or a group are high. It is the responsible persons in an organization to protect the private data and information from the rivals.


Detrimental acts refer to the harmful damage to the organization by stealing the data of the organization, such as loss of finance, losses of business properties, losses of confidential information, and undesirable impacts. This is a universal ethical principle not to access the information systems of the company with the help of information technology. To overcome the effects of the harmful acts, the IT professional must reinstall the software programs and remove the viruses from the database.


The information technology department should be aware of copyright infringements and laws. Copyright protects computer software from external threats. It prohibits the user from mishandling and relevant misemploying data, documentations, and other precious programs. In most of the developed and underdeveloped countries, copyright infringement is applied to protect the computer program.


Trading information is the most confidential secrets of any organization. It provides a competitive advantage to the organization. It should be secured and kept private. This law protects such ideas, and it is only accessible to an individual member of the company. In case of loss of this information, this law protects this information. Even a slight loss of information will give a benefit to competitors.


It is ethical protection of the software programs created by the companies which prohibit competitors from copying the applications and release it under their names. It is up to the owner whether he allows other people to copy the content or not. Unauthorized copying of the software program will lead to legal actions against the company. Currently, the courts are dealing with numerous such cases.


Every organization and company do their best to hide their employee and customer information from revealing in front of the public. They secure data from all kinds of hackers and tracers so that competitors should not be aware of their weak points—installation of firewalls, personal virtual networking programs, use of VPNs, and hiring IT specialists. The company takes all possible precautions for the sake of the security of data.


In recent years, the use of ransom calls has increased. These problems have created a complication in the progress of information technology. Hackers and crackers attack the personal information systems of an organization and steals the control of the private information systems. Then starts the ransomware calls, and if the company doesn’t pay the money, they will lose all the valuable information.


Artificial intelligence is developing and inventing robotic techniques for the completion of tasks. For example, they are planning to place robots on chatboxes to answer the queries of customers. Now, the ethical question arises that whether or not customers be informed that they are interacting with the robot. Perhaps, this moral dilemma is still under consideration.

Issues mentioned above have their significance for the people who are affected by ethical concerns. Organizations and individual workers should know What are the ethical issues in information technology and how they can secure their information systems from hackers. It should always be remembered that working with modern technology is not separated from an ethical dilemma. Understanding the details of ethics will eventually help to create a better business growth environment for organizations and companies.

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