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What Is The Best Way To Stop Drinking Natural Remedies

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The best way to stop drinking quickly? Alcohol addiction is not a good habit. 6 natural remedies to quit drinking alcohol.

How to stop drinking alcohol home remedies

what is the best way to stop drinking

Alcohol consumption is the most common method of causing dangerous diseases such as lung cancer. Its found to be the favorite beverage of recent times. Quitting alcohol consumption is a difficult task that may require professional assistance or people can also stop it at home with continuous effort. What is the best way to stop drinking at home and how to prohibit yourself from making a drink? Following is the list of home remedies that may help to stop drinking to an individual.

  1. Eating a bunch of grapes or drinking fresh grape juice can be very useful in reducing the craving of alcohol.
  2. To quit alcohol, go on a juice diet. Continuous consumption of juices will decrease the amount of alcohol consumed.
  3. Including dates in the diet regularly will help to eliminate alcohol permanently.
  4. Bitter gourd is famous for its bitter taste, but it consists of antidote properties that help to eliminate the alcohol from the diet. It also heals the liver caused by alcohol.
  5. Regular intake of fresh carrot juice will ultimately encourage the body to stop drinking alcohol.
  6. Coconut oil consists of antioxidant properties that enable a person to quit alcohol and controls the cravings.

How to stop drinking alcohol every night

what is the best way to stop drinking

The night is the time when a person is usually tired from all day hectic routine and want to consume some alcohol to relax. It is the most challenging time for a person to control the cravings whether the craving is for sugar, food, or drink. Late-night habit always leads to disaster. Some excellent and useful practices to decrease the need for alcohol at night to stated below:

Start writing!

what is the best way to stop drinking

Writing is the ultimate solution to the majority of the problems. Start writing about the goals of your life or the changes you wish to see in yourself. It will help you to keep motivated and prohibit you from drinking alcohol.

Maintain a journal

what is the best way to stop drinking

Start maintaining a journal about the daily consumption of alcohol. Set small targets and start reducing the amount of alcohol gradually.

Get rid of alcohol

what is the best way to stop drinking

Set an alcohol free environment at home and try not to think about it. Throw all the alcohol-containing beverages outside the house. Less vision for a drink will slowly decrease the amount of alcohol consumed.

Keep yourself busy

what is the best way to stop drinking

Plan a hectic routine for yourself, so you might not get the time to think about alcohol. Keep an eye on the bigger picture of the future for the motivation.

How to stop drinking on your own without any help

Trying to quit alcohol consumption and thinking about health and focusing on a better lifestyle indicates you love yourself. Nobody can help you if you don’t want to help yourself. Try taking shorter steps to achieve bigger goals. Small changes in life will make it easier to quit alcohol on your own.

  • Set goals or target drinking for each day and try to consume less than it. Slowly and gradually, the amount will decrease.
  • Planning alcohol-free days is sufficient to keep yourself on track. It is like planning a cheat day in between a strict diet plan. It helps to fulfill the cravings of alcohol.
  • Monitor the triggers which provoke you to drink alcohol and avoid visiting such places or people.
  • Cutting down alcohol from life and sticking to the decision is very difficult yet effective.
  • If you still carve for the alcohol and make a drink, try to drink it slowly. It will reduce cravings.

Effective stop drinking pill

what is the best way to stop drinking

Alcohol addiction is a serious issue but can solve under the supervision of professional counseling sessions. There are medications available in the market, which may help to reduce alcohol consumption.


This medication is given before trying any other medicine for quitting alcohol. It prohibits alcohol cravings by stopping the effects of natural opioids in the body. This results in a reduction in the reinforcement of liquor. The tablet can be taken in two ways. One is taking one pill daily, and the second is injecting medicine once a month. The dosage may vary according to the instructions of the physician.


Another effective medicine which disables the craving for alcohol is Acamprosate. It changes the chemistry of the brain and deactivates the requirement of alcohol. These are well-tolerated tablets, but patients may experience diarrhea within a few weeks after medication.


The tablet is useful for curing the migraine and to decrease the appetite. But studies have shown that medicine is capable of controlling the need for alcohol. It can be used before or after alcohol addiction. It balances the chemistry of the brain and reduces the hunger for liquor. Unfortunately, the medicine may cause vision problems in patients.

How to stop drinking so much? How to handle extra cravings for alcohol?

how to handle extra cravings for alcohol

Worried about consuming alcohol so much and want to quit it? It is a common problem for every alcohol addict. They want to stop drinking but can’t handle the hunger for alcohol.

Start from small baby steps and communicate with your well-wishers. Those are the ones who are most affected by your bad habits.

It will also be an effective technique to alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones. It will create a space between the glasses and eventually reduce the amount of alcohol consumed.

If you still find it challenging to cut down the alcohol from your life, try counseling or medication from professionals. They know what the best way to stop drinking is and how to control the cravings. Cutting alcohol completely from life is not an easy task, but nothing is impossible. The journey might be extended, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel to lighten up your way.

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