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What Is The Difference Between a Chromebook and a Laptop?

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Let’s take a look at the differences between a Chromebook and a laptop. We take turns discussing what they have in common. And those that are not the same. What are they, and what difference does it make to one’s performance? You may already know what differentiates a typical laptop from a Chromebook.

Review on the difference between a Chromebook and a Laptop

But here’s a brief review. Chromebooks are no longer just for students, as the last few models have changed dramatically. Chromebook has now expanded its market. Chromebook’s internals is so advanced that it can beat its rival Laptop. Google has also announced Linux support as well.

Which is right: Chromebook VS Laptop

What Is The Difference Between a Chromebook and a Laptop

In this article, we will look at the conflict between the two. We have compared comprehensively both with detailed analysis. To find out who wins this battle, read this article thoroughly. At the end of this article, you can decide which one to buy. 

Difference between a Chromebook and a Laptop

It’s based on your needs only. Which do you prefer? Everyone wants their Laptop not to be massive but exquisite in appearance and a little thin. For a laptop to be a better option, it needs to be versatile. If you look at the Chromebook, it can run Internet-based applications. On the other side, the Laptop provides a familiar Desktop workspace. Each device has relative advantages, but whatever works for you has the highest value. For instance, laptops are designed to be the most ultimate gaming machines, whereas Chromebooks are portable computers that are planned to be used anywhere. I hope that you will able to identify the difference between a Chromebook and a laptop now.

Display and build quality

Let’s talk about build first, and no doubt, Chromebook looks more elegant and sleeker with excellent build quality. Budget windows laptops are typically featured with plastic body and frame. In terms of quality, Laptops are far inferior to Chromebook. So, this point goes to Chrome.

Chromebook features usual display resolution 1920×1080 pixels. For most Chromebooks, the screen size varies from 13 to 15 inches with 1080p. Cheaper Chromebooks might have lower resolution. The expensive ones have a good screen resolution. And the screen of a standard laptop is not very good, and as we move towards a good laptop, the display gets better, as in MACBOOK or higher-end gaming laptops

OS (Operating System)

The most significant difference between a Chromebook and a laptop is its operating system. Chromebook runs on Chrome OS, and it has access to a vast library of Google applications. You cannot install the Chrome operating system on any laptop, just like Windows and other operating systems.

Laptops run of windows OS, Linux, and MAC operating system, these operating systems are developed by Microsoft Corporation and Apple. The Windows OS is for mainstream laptops and computers, whereas MAC is the OS for Apple’s line of computers and workstations.

In Chrome, apps run in a Chrome browser window. It has given us android app compatibility, but still, some apps are not designed to run-on the high-power computing system. For user’s Chrome may be the right choice. Chrome OS takes a lot less space than Windows and MACOS because both can take up more than 15 GB of Hard Drive space.

Power and Performance

All the indicators show that Chrome OS has small hardware resources, and it reflects in its performance. Chromebooks can boot up in a few seconds. You have already learned about the advantages of Chromebook, but, there are several disadvantages of Chromebook.

The storage of Chromebook is limited generally. Mostly tasks are performed on the cloud; however, not everyone is comfortable with everything one cloud. Sometimes Chromebooks can be slow since all the processing done on the cloud; this might be due to your internet connection. If you want to play graphics-intensive games and do three-dimensional modeling Windows platform is best for you.

User interface experience

The difference between a Chromebook and a laptop is its UI experience

Chromebook’s operating system is quite modernized in comparison to a Windows laptop. Similar to smartphones UI, it has an app launcher, a taskbar, and a quick settings panel. It seems smartphones interface quite identical to Chromebook. UI feels very snappy, and there is also a tablet mode.

Windows UI platform is fluent design, and Windows UI provides consistent controls and intuitive styles and accessible experience. 

Battery Life

If the battery life is your primary concern then there is a difference between a Chromebook and a laptop battery you should go for a lightweight OS, it will last you more than 10 hours of continuous usage. Whereas Laptops are running on intensive operating systems, and they last only for a maximum of 4 hours on average.


Hopefully, now you can decide upon the difference between Chromebook and a laptop which is perfect for you as I have explained in the article, it depends on your use. Please take my advice and draw a sketch in your mind and ask yourself a question. If you want a sleek design, good battery life, and top-notch security, then go for Chromebook. But if higher-end performance, intuitive UI, and good OS is your choice, then choose Laptop. 

I am Robert C. James. A student of MSc in Computing (Applied) from Technological University Dublin (Dublin). I am a Computer Research Technologist, a Journalist and a Writer. I am mainly a Blogger Vlogger and a Creative Writer of all fields.

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