Which Information Technology Job Has The Highest Growth Rate?

It is estimated that more three-quarter population of earth own's smartphones and the majority of people manages their job through laptops or computers. Cloud computing technology and artificial intelligence have given the world a new dimension. The help of information technology creates all of the wonders. The change doesn't occur on its own. Behind every achievement of technology, there is a hardworking  IT professional. It isn't easy to analyze which information technology job has the highest growth rate. The fields related to technology are growing, and so are opportunities for working IT specialists. However, everyone is a master of their area.


Some of the job opportunities are growing faster, which are briefly discussed below:


According to researchers, the security examiner or analyst job has a reasonable growth rate. Since the occurrence of cybercrime is increasing day by day and organization and companies requires IT professionals to examine their security systems. Their job is to create all the possible security barriers to protect the confidential data of the organization. The growth rate for the security examiner turns out to be 28% in the next few years.


Another fastest-growing information technology job is a software developer. These are the people who are responsible for the creation of innovative programs and gaming applications that should be accessible through smartphones, computers, and laptops. Developers are assigned the jobs of creating business software programs such as processors and databases to help the workers in efficiently completing daily office tasks. It is estimated that the growth rate of a software developer will increase by 24% in the next five years.


Information technology and computer are combined to create a vast array of innovations. These computer researchers come up with the latest technological creations, which enhances the importance of existing ones. It may be introducing the new safety features or creating an original mail dialogue box within an application. The growth rate of the demand of software developers is estimated to increase by 19 % over the next five years.


Website developers are the specialist of creating the artistic and inspired website which depicts the visualization of its creator. They are responsible for the appearance of the site, such as design, color combination, and other technical behaviours. The organizations equally require Front-end and back-end developers both. A website developer may work with association with the organization or individual. Within the next five years, the demand for website developers may increase by 15%.


2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated every day, which is supposed to multiply as the number of organizations increases. For the management and maintaining of data, organizations require database directors. Their job is to analyze and organize the data. Making it easy for the workers to access and extract the information through it. The increase in the growth rate of the database director is about 11% over the next few years.


Technicians are required by established firms and companies to maintain their systems and computers. They are also called help-desk service providers. Setting up a system and other electronic devices is part of their job. They are also responsible for the installation of software programs and their maintenance. They may offer their services full-time to an organization or part-time services depending upon the requirements. The estimated growth rate for a computer technician is about 11% within the next few years.


As the name indicates, mobile application developers are assigned to create applications that are supported by smartphones. They also introduce trending games, photoshop apps, and innovative social media applications to engage people. A mobile application developer job is listed in the top 3 most demanding situations in the world. The projected growth rate of a mobile application developer is 27% in the coming years.

Information technology is a growing industry with fast-growing job opportunities. Which information technology job has the highest growth rate is still a tough question to answer. However, every post has a different significance. Job responsibilities might change in the coming years, but the basic concept of providing ease to humanity with the use of information technology will remain the same.

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