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Why Is My Laptop Fan So Loud Suddenly?

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Can you hear the noise from your laptop? Hopefully, you can because this article is about why is my laptop fan so loud. It is due to the fan that’s going full blast all the time, from just a few minutes after you turn on your laptop. It will be the loudest component you hear on your laptop. It isn’t very pleasant, and I have seen this happen to a lot of laptops, not just a single brand. But all of them are sometimes can become loud. Generally saying the problem is caused by the blockage of the passage in the cooling system.

Common causes of loud fan noise

Laptops produce a lot of heat. To dissipate that heat fan spins faster, but the cooling systems in laptops are small.

Blockage: If there’s any blockage, fans run faster because it needs that extra speed to remove the heat to cool down the internals.

Dust: Dust is very common in our environment so it can deposit on the fan blades and vents as well

Why is my laptop fan so loud dust

Uneven surfaces: If the surface on which you are using your laptop is not flat, it can also cause the loud fan noise.

Heat: In the summers temperature is one the rise using a laptop in this environment will make your laptop produce more heat; as a result, the fan has to run faster and louder.

Damage: If you have accidentally dropped your laptop, then it may damage the fan or fan housing. This damage will make the fan to create some noise.

Hardware and Software Problem: Sometimes, hardware and software problems can cause the fan to run fast to remove the extra heat.

How to clean

We need to clean this out and fix the issue to improve it may be due to a defective fan we’ll find out when we get there. Today the enigma of loud laptop hopefully will make it quiet down.

 For this, let’s find out where the cooling system resides for about all models of laptops. In your top left-hand corner on the bottom, you will find these vents. There are vents in various other places as well, but the main vents are cooling the CPU and video card, and that’s the places where most of the heat is generated. And the sound of the loud fan is also coming from these vents.

How it works

The way it works is that the air comes in through the bottom of the laptop this is our air intake it passes through some cooling blocks, and then the hot air is expelled out of the system through the vents. It’s just like a continuous cycle. If this cycle is disturbed, the fan starts running hard and hot.

For example, if you put your laptop on a bed, then its intake is blocked, so it has to work more to remove that heat. For better heat dissipation, you should put your laptop on a flat and hard surface so that this gets enough air intake.

Now we know the process the air comes in, and it flows out and if we have dirt blocking any of the vents. It’s not doing full cool. Like if you have a dirty ceiling fan, you know that once you clean the blades, it makes a lot better. And this is the same case here.

Flat surface

You can easily make the laptop to dissipate some heat naturally by putting it on to the flat surface. It will provide proper air intake to your computer, and the cycle will continue.

Quick fix

To fix overheating and the loud-sounding fan. Take a normal vacuum cleaner and clean out around these vents. Take a vacuum cleaner and put it right on top of these vents to take out the dirt. It might temporarily fix your laptop fan sounding loud because it can also jam the vents so that it may work for a few.

Why is my laptop fan so loud Quick fix

5-minute fix

For this, all you will require is a tip of the pen, a straw, and a tape. Every laptop’s fan will grab some dust from the environment; there is no way you can stop dirt build-up. Your laptop will automatically shut down to protect it from the extra heat.

Now take a straw and flat its one end. Tape the almost two-third of the flat end and stick a pencil in the remaining open area to open a bit to let the air go through it. And put your laptop upside-down and blow through this straw to remove the dust out of the laptop. Hopefully, this will take out the remaining dust

Physical Damage

If your laptop is physically damaged from the bottom or especially at the palm rest areas can cause your fan to be loud. Look for cracks and breaks near the vents and fan housing to see if there is internal damage.

Hardware Problem

You can run the PC diagnostics to analyze the computer’s hardware. Then to find the solution to fix the issue of why your laptop fan so loud.

I am Robert C. James. A student of MSc in Computing (Applied) from Technological University Dublin (Dublin). I am a Computer Research Technologist, a Journalist and a Writer. I am mainly a Blogger Vlogger and a Creative Writer of all fields.

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