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Windows 10: new information on Windows Update

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Microsoft is working on improving the Windows Update feature, which suggests an installation time based on usage patterns. Additionally, Microsoft specified its update and update plans for businesses by third parties in a tech community article. Here is a brief overview. And there are plans to provide better information about upgrade blockers.

Third-party updates in Windows Update for Business

Windows Updates for Business (WUfB) is only available in corporate environments as an update control option. In a technical community article, Microsoft discusses the issue of deploying updates from third-party vendors. Third party product updates are still not supported by WUfB. To do this, a solution such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager must continue to be used to complement WUfB. The Techcommunity article explains how to configure this in WUfB and what to consider. Maybe interesting for administrators in this environment.

Best Info About Windows 10 Upgrade Blockers

On its status page for Windows 10, Microsoft provides an overview of when feature updates are blocked on machines due to known issues. If the upgrade is stuck on a system, the user does not receive much information about the reasons for the stuck. Mary Jo Foley looked at this question and did some research at Microsoft. In this ZDNet article, Foley explains what rumors Floor Radio has in store. The content: Microsoft is trying to provide users with more detailed information about upgrade blockers in Windows 10 in the future. The message: Microsoft is working to make feature update blocking issues for Windows 10 more customer-specific and more manageable.

Update option suggests installation time

I don’t even know if it’s new. Wide Vizion contacted me on Facebook on Sunday and gave me a screenshot of the Windows 10 Version 2004 update page with the remark “MS even officially remembers more than you think”. skillfully.

Windows Update
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He alluded to the new entry apparently in Windows Update, which is under the heading “Adjust uptime to reduce interruptions.” Windows 10 now shows the hours of system use and suggests not to suggest a restart (for installing the update) during this time. At first I thought this time was determined by telemetry – but the user said he had it disabled on their system. The duration of use must therefore be determined locally.

Windows Update
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Then I came across this article at Softpedia, where the same is said for an American Windows 10. I have no idea how long this usage time determination was included in Windows 10. But show how exactly Windows 10 (or Microsoft) tracks activity.

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